Innovation technologique dans la traduction


Il y a quinze jours, la radio Europe 1 parlait d’une nouvelle technologie dans le domaine de la traduction : des lunettes connectées pouvant traduire en direct jusqu’à 12 langues.

La vidéo est accessible ici :

Elles seront d’abord vendues aux entreprises pour les conférences et pour les réunions internationales. Car ces lunettes restent toutefois beaucoup moins chères qu’un traducteur.

Mais qu’en est-il de la qualité de la traduction… ?

AUSIT’s Biennial National Conference ’14: Transition into the Future

Last month, I attended AUSIT’s Biennial National Conference which was held in sunny Brisbane, Australia. It was a very interesting 2-day event where I had the opportunity to meet and hear from colleagues from the other side of the world. There was an impressive line-up of highly-qualified, recognised practitioners who gave insightful presentations and workshops.


There were many seminars to choose from, including Media Translation: Practices and Expectations”, and Practical aspects of legal translation: the translation of an Italian land sale contract.” Among the several workshops offered, I particulary enjoyed: “Best practices for the translation of official documents” by Susanne Creak, as well as What’s the context? Interpreting, Translation and the Law” by Heather Glass.

It was great to meet and get to know fellow colleagues. As always, conferences are always a great opportunity to network and have challenging conversations about our jobs (translation and/or interpreting).

What’s more, I really appreciated the talk from Brett Casey et Cynthia Cave, a fascinating and funny team specialised in sign language. Their presentation Deaf Professional and Interpreter – A team” was absolutely delightful and entertaining on top of being very informative.

Looking forward to the next national conference in 2016! 🙂


Upcoming Linguistic Events

Find below a list of upcoming events dedicated to languages and cultures. Please note that it is not solely meant for professional linguists. Although it is mainly aimed at translators, LSPs, teachers, or any other language specialists, anyone interested in the subject is more than welcome!

October 2014

15th to 18th | The 5th Int’l Conference on Dual Language/Immersion Education in Salt Lake City (USA)

20th to 21st | Language Education Conference (LEC 2014)  in Nilai (Malaysia)

27th to 28th | International Conference on Languages and the Market: Competitiveness and Employability in Estoril (Portugal)

November 2014

01st to 02nd | AUSIT Biennial Conference’14 Transition Into the Future  in Brisbane (Australia)

12th to 13th | International Conference on Education, Culture and Society  in Toronto (Canada)

December 2014

11th to 13th | 2nd Global Conference on Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching  in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

15th to 17th | Int’l Conference on language, literature & culture 2014 in Pune, Maharashtra (India)

16th to 17th | International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education  in London (United Kingdom)

Making Time for Professional Development (Part 2)

Following up on this major topic, I’d like to add that it is also professionally and personally essential to set aside some time to attend a translation-related conference each year. At least,that’s the goal I set for myself. Last year, I went to Geneva to attend a conference entitled « Traduire pour le grand public ». It was so enriching to meet with and hear from fellow translators.

You’ll get to exchange face to face with fellow translators and even potential clients. It’s a great opportunity to network and « put yourself out there » in the real world to start making a name for yourself.

Take advantage of local meetups organised by the different official organisations (if you live in Europe, you’ll see there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with your peers thanks to the numerous professional bodies).

13942303150imlvBeing an independent professional means you need to do every job (CEO, CFO, accountant, community management, administrative officer, etc.) Some people think that people who work from home have it easy. If only they knew!

It’s a demanding job that requires discipline, rigour and passion. You don’t keep track of time and yet, you need to make sure you have enough of it to cover every aspect of this immensely rewarding profession!

Let’s be poetic for a minute: Your translating business is like a tree, you need to nurture it properly so that it can grow strong for years to come!

Looking forward to meeting all of you during a conference somewhere on the planet!